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As women, our job descriptions can include running busy work schedules whilst balancing the family home or raising children. We are women with many ‘hats’. Sometimes it’s nice to hang up our hats and just re-connect with the person underneath.

Our Women’s Programs are about embracing individuality and recognizing your inner strengths, sharing experiences and learning from each other while developing new skills or simply re-discover existing skills.

Our retreats will make you laugh and reflect while interacting with like-minded women. Experience moments of self-discovery and create memories that will last a lifetime.

So, gather the tribe together and join us on the farm for a day of great food, self development and fun in the country air.

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Womens retreat in nature
True to you women's retreat

true to you

Embrace the power of change, to take that next step in life or career.

Discover empowerment to move forward with confidence, intention and honesty within.

Our beautiful horses will guide you through a process, of honesty and discovering the “true you”. 

We must take responsibility for our own happiness no matter what stage in life we are at.

The first step in understanding yourself is through the power of the horse.  Their pure honesty helps uncover truth, insecurities and vulnerabilities.

It is when these true emotions can be acknowledged, without judgement they are able to help you discover your true authentic self. 

supporting women in all stages of life









Develop your best self

How often do we turn up truly present?  We may physically be be present, but our minds are thinking of 10 other jobs or where to be next.

So, what does that actually mean, to “be present in the moment” – we hear this all the time.

Horses have a magnificent way of helping us be present because, when we are not, they will let us know.

  • If we are rushing, they will not co-operate.
  • If we are thinking of other jobs our communication isn’t clear.
  • If we are angry, stressed or anxious they will feel the same.


  • When we are patient, they will work with us.
  • When we are thinking of their needs, our communication is clear.
  • When we are happy, calm and relaxed they feel safe and trust our intentions.

Horses teach us to understand of our emotions, so we can look after ourselves and others!










professional development

Career paths take many twists and turns, but one thing remains with us no matter what stage we are at – our ability to show up and be the best version of our-self.

Be the best version of yourself & uncover things that are holding you back.  

Our women’s team building and leadership programs are specifically designed to focus on developing authentic leadership and team collaboration skills within the work place.  When we understand how to adjust our behaviour with the horse, transferring these skills into the workplace becomes clear.

We are passionate about working with women in all stages of their career journey, including:

  • Graduates
  • Emerging leaders
  • Women returning to the workforce
  • Executive Managers and CEO’s



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